Great Salsa Songs and Videos for Beginners

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So it’s not been too long since my last post. I know what’s wrong with me?! Well feeling inspired by how well everyone has been doing lately and wanted to help you guys out even more. So here we go I have put together a nice little list of videos which you beginners can use to help in your development. So here you are a list of good songs and helpful videos. For more why not check out our YouTube channel and our beginners playlist.


Micaela – Pete Rodriguez

Uno Dos Tres (Great song for keeping the beat)

Mambo Con Dancehall – Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Cosas Nativas – Frankie Ruiz

Acid – Ray Barretto

Learning the beat

Salsa Music and Timing

Salsa Music and Timing pt 2.

Salsa Beat Machine – Yo No Se Manana

Salsa Beat Machine – Abre Que Voy


Basics Steps for Salsa

Look Natural Salsa Dancing

Improving Spins

Anyway hope that all helps, as I said above I will be updating our YouTube channel and playlist with more helpful songs and videos so keep posted on there! For more songs why not check out my blog post on my favourite salsa songs? Finally if you want to go outside of the Salsa Dance Leeds website, why not check out The Salsa Beat Machine Website which is a great resource for those wanting to know more about the music and who like to play around.

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