Salsa Dance Gains – Charlie James

So it’s not often we do this but I have decided that this should be a regular thing… I spend a lot of time admiring the gains all of my students make and love seeing them develop as dancers and also as people throughout the time they come to my classes. It’s because of this I want to start making YOU the centrepiece, the thing that we we talk about.

Now the first person I want to recognise and my inspiration for starting this blog series is the man himself Charlie James.

Charlie first came to class in March on the recommendation of a friend this year a shadow of the man you see today. A slightly nervy, quiet guy who was very dubious to say the least when he first turned up to Salsa! Charlie whether he knew it or not took to dancing like a duck to water, being a bassist in one of Leeds most promising bands, rhythm certainly wasn’t an issue! Coming regularly to class on a Tuesday he started to fulfil his potential and one day it ‘just clicked’ in Charlie’s head and he hasn’t looked back since.

A real example of what you can do if you listen to the points into class and take them on board and think about what it means for your dancing. Charlie grafted, was constantly inquisitive and got involved with the workshops which definitely boosted his learning. With time he started to come out of his shell and from someone who used to just come in do the class and leave, Charlie is (still) the first to get to class but is now one of the last to leave. He is now a well known face in the Salsa Dance Leeds scene and whether he knows or not a hell of a lot of people think a lot of him. A genuinely great guy whose confidence has blossomed in recent months, so much so that no one would recognise day 1 Charlie!

Charlie does get a lot of stick from me in class but it’s only ’cause I know he is well and truly the man and I know he can give it back. I am insanely proud of how far he has come, I am now proud to call Charlie one of my best friends and can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for the man himself Charlie James.

I know you will get all embarrassed and probably tell me to take this down Charlie but I won’t! Enjoy the praise and keep making them gains!

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About James

James is one of the co-founders and teachers at Salsa Dance Leeds. He regularly writes for the SDL blog, across a selection of salsa topics. Find James on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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