Christmas Party 2011

Salsa Christmas Party 2011 – Distrikt Bar, 07/12/2011

With Christmas on the way and many of the crew going home or saving up for Christmas, the guys at Salsa Dance Leeds decided to throw a huge Christmas party as a thank you to all those that have turned up this year! It all began with a two brief Salsa Classes, one of an intermediate standard with a few fun moves and the other where all the guys were follows and the women were leads!

This was because after the second class we held a ‘Jill and Jack’ competition… A Jill and Jack is no ordinary competition, as the women take the lead and the men take the ladies role of following! This surely a recipe for disaster and a lot of laughs! And it didn’t fail to disappoint, with some fantastic ladies styling from many of the men and some very interesting body rolls and some dubious hand combs thrown in for good measure!

The competition was fierce, with the Judges finding it very hard to pick between them all. There was plenty of enthusiasm and surprisingly good technique from many first time leads… Eventually after 2 songs it was narrowed down to two couples… the winners being Alex Bogle and Josh Nivern! Who won a months free lessons, thanks to some fantastic moves and styling!

After the competition had ended the social dancing carried on for another 2 hours, with plenty of food and drink going round and festive songs played during classes. We hope you all enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next installment and big social!

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