Crystal Verver UK Tour 2014

So here it is what all the hype has been about! We at Salsa Dance Leeds will be bringing across the one and only Crystal Verver all the way from America for a very special Christmas UK Tour!!!

She will be starting in Leeds at our very own Distrikt Bar Leeds on Tuesday the 16th and finishing with a very special Workshop for you all before returning to the US.

Dates and locations to be announced soon

About Crystal

A member of the Collective Essence Dance Company, Crystal Verver has been dancing since the age of fifteen. As a member of the Travis Rebelettes Drill Team, she was able to train in jazz, modern, and contemporary. She has also gained significant experience on stage through performing and competing with her team.

Her salsa adventure began in 2005, after winning 1st place in the Habana Nights salsa competition. With love, passion and appreciation for the dance she continued to train with many diverse dancers in the salsa scene. After training for a couple of months, she placed 3rd in the World Salsa Championships in Miami.

She has had the privilege of traveling, performing, competing and teaching workshops in the US and internationally. Most recently, Crystal performed at the The 9th Salsa Jam in Cyprus. By collaborating with Proyecto Teatro in the hit production “Canela Blanca”, Crystal has a new-found appreciation for the art of integrating acting, music, and dance.

Crystal in action

Crystal at Salsa Centrál 2012! 7th Annual Salsa Dance Contest

Nery Garcia and Crystal Verver ( I-35 Elegant Road Tour / Road to LSC)

Terry Tauliaut & Crystal Verver (Collective Essence) | 15th LA Salsa Congress 2013 | Social Dancing

For more of Crystal in action why not check out the following:

Festival Step in Dance 2013 with Collective Essence

Collective Essence at Houston Salsa Congress 2014 1/17/14

LARRY HARLOW in San Marcos 2014. Dancers: Crystal Verver, Damian Spencer, Tia B. and Anthony Blanco

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