My First Salsa Class – First Class Nerves

I always wanted to learn salsa. I remember my parents telling me how fun they used to have when they met up to learn salsa with their friends. However, I never had any friend willing to come along with me so I always gave up starting even if I liked dancing lots. One day I was feeling motivated and I wanted to try all those things that I never did because different reasons as shyness, laziness or fear. I went to google and typed Salsa Dance in Leeds and I found this website. I told myself “Alright, you go there on your own”, “There will be nice people”, “It is going to be great for meeting people”…

Then, I went to the Distrikt Bar on Tuesday but I was not sure whether to get in or not. Finally, I wisely did. I was welcomed by the teachers and then we started salsa dancing. To be honest, it was easy to follow the teacher as the instructions were clear and simple. I was feeling good. I thought “This is not too difficult”!! I was already feeling the good atmosphere there and we were having lots of fun.

The problem came when I was supposed to take a partner and dance without the teacher’s instructions during the salsa dancing. I did not remember any steps! So I kept dancing mambo forwards and backwards. I am not sure if the girl was enjoying but it was all I could do by then. I must say that I enjoyed the first lesson and I was looking forward to coming again for salsa dancing. The second lesson was much better and i built on what I had learnt and can now turn and spin!! All in all it’s great fun!

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James is one of the co-founders and teachers at Salsa Dance Leeds. He regularly writes for the SDL blog, across a selection of salsa topics. Find James on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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