The Hardest Thing For First Timers

Recently I have been speaking to a lot of my friends who keep telling me that they want to come down to class and also to some of the newest attendees at Salsa Dance Leeds and it seems that they’ve all shared a similar experience… A struggle. A struggle that many people have been trying to deal with for weeks, even months. The struggle to finally walk through those doors and get on down to your first ever class.

Now don’t get me wrong we see lots of new faces come down to class and have a great time each week but the struggle is very much real! Sometimes people even get themselves all ready, walk through the door, start the journey but turn around half way! In this case I can relate to one of my own experiences when I got all the way to town but then went home as I couldn’t see the venue. I decided that if I carried on looking for a minute longer I still wouldn’t find it so it would be better to go home and check Google for next week… plus I had some important tidying of my room to do. So it’s because of this and the various conversations I’ve had recently that I’ve decided to address the issue.

I know there are many of you out there, possibly even reading this blog right now, who are thinking about coming down but for one reason or another you don’t make it down to class. This is for you. Hopefully this will help you get past those excuses you keep making each week or to get over those nerves…

My top 5 tips that will help you in overcoming the struggle that is walking through the door and discovering something awesome!


Do a little research, see if the class has any YouTube videos so you know what to expect. Check the instagram page see if there are any pictures or recent videos. Read the blog, see if you can pick up any tips!


Introduce yourself
Find the classes Facebook page or Facebook group and introduce yourself… Say that you’re looking to go to class for the first time and if there is anything you need to know… Generally there won’t be anything you need to know except the main details but it’s a good way to introduce yourself. The Teacher and the attendees will always be very welcoming and kind. We’ve all been there we all know how much courage it takes to get on down to your first class so we’ll try help you as much as we can!


Double check the details
Check, double check, triple check! Make sure you know the class times, the bus times, the venues exact location, the day of the class check everything! You don’t want to turn up on the wrong day or take the wrong bus now…


Bring a friend
Now with this piece of advice I would like to remind you that friends bail. They bail all the time. Trust me. I know. So when picking someone, choose someone who has a track record in trying new stuff and will push you to go with them. Someone who will look forward to going to class just as much as you. But also someone who you don’t mind sharing the experience with! In summary don’t pick the guy who’s always late, flakes out at the last minute all the time and is generally annoying.


Relax or get pumped up (whichever works!)

Chill, don’t worry about it. This is easier said than done. What ever will help you relax get it done, whether it be getting yourself a drink (don’t get hammered!) or listening to music just get yourself in the zone. Or, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t nervous, get yourself pumped up! Watch some cool videos, listen to some great music, get a drink! See the pattern here?! haha.

Either way, just remember we all want you to come down and have a great time. We, teachers and attendees want you to come and have a good time we won’t pick on you or judge you if anything we want to help and reassure you that it’s all good. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Over to you!

Right so now it’s over to you. I have already shared my story and my top tips, now I am inviting anyone who has ever come to a class whether it be a Salsa Dance Leeds one or any other class to share their first class stories and tips. Maybe you made it first time but you were amazingly nervous, or maybe like me it took you a few attempts but it was all worth it in the end. Let us know!

But most importantly if you are thinking of coming down for the first time just do it. Hopefully this blog has helped you out but also if you do have any questions feel free to send them to me at any time on our facebook page or to my facebook if you have me added as it’s the place I check most!

Anyway thanks for reading and hopefully see you all sometime soon!


About James

James is one of the co-founders and teachers at Salsa Dance Leeds. He regularly writes for the SDL blog, across a selection of salsa topics. Find James on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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