How To Lose Weight With Salsa

Slimming World was a complete surprise to me. There was no humiliation and it is not a public weigh-in event where you are shamed in to losing weight – it’s the complete opposite… you celebrate everything that is positive about eating healthily, losing weight but not necessarily every week and doing some routine moderate activity, I was learning how to lose weight effectively. My steady weight loss was accompanied by a growing increase in stamina for my ‘moderate activity’ and I found myself wanting to try out the new and fun Salsa classes at Distrikt with Jake and James’ guest teachers… I was gobsmacked to think that at 45 I was learning Street Dancing with Bobak who was like a street god and I loved them.

What I loved was thanks to a healthy diet and Salsa I began to lose weight fast and as I continued to wear my oversized baggy clothes hiding what was happening underneath as my jeans were literally falling down.. so I moved to smaller jeans (kept in wardrobe since I was 35) but still hiding under my increasingly baggy tops. In Spain in July I had nothing to wear that fitted me but I still spent the week (literally) in a salsa bar dancing ‘til 3 am like a diva!!! I was on a residential to study and speak Spanish and I slept less that week than I did after.

Charlie was born! I could dance salsa and I could dance street and I could dance with a partner or alone and I could speak fluent Spanish so my confidence was at a new high. I danced the night away loving every minute and knowing that I could finally dance salsa. I felt sexy but still dressed like a middle aged woman in ill fitting clothes!

Jane after in Spain

And then I came out! James, who has always called me ‘mum’ was gobsmacked when I turned up in some trousers and a top that fitted me (albeit not for long) and the compliments have been flooding my way for weeks. Within the length of a pregnancy (40 weeks) I lost over 4 stones and have learnt the keys on how to lose weight! I have reached my target weight, which is slimmer and lighter than my husband has ever known me.

At Salsa Leeds and Argentinean Tango (yes that has crept in to my schedule too) I never have to wait to be asked, in fact I hardly ever leave the dance floor and my popularity with the salseros and tangueros (for dancing!) has given me a new lease of life. My husband is so proud of me and knows that my new shape and size has boosted my self-confidence back to the sexy confident lady he met 10 years ago. Salsa dancing in Leeds and Slimming world have taken more than 10 years off me, I’m now a size 10 and my once enormous matronly bust is back to a more manageable size. I can’t wait to buy a bra that fits me! And some new knickers too! Not to mention the jeans, t-shirts and dresses…all for my StreetSalsa at Salsa Dance Leeds of course! And my god – I have thighs to die for…I love my legs!! I never thought I’d say that.

“Salsa dancing with Salsa Dance Leeds and Slimming World have given me back my life.”

Ladies and Gents there is no reason to feel fat, frumpy and middle aged. Whatever your age, size or shape a combination of healthy eating, social support and regular moderate activity (although now the way I dance Salsa is not exactly moderate) is all you need to knock years and inches off. In fact the old adage that I was ‘so impressed that I bought the company’ has come true for me as I have decided to become a Slimming World consultant myself to try and help others find their inner mojo by learning how to lose weight.

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