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So recently we have been making lists of great salsa songs and great salsa videos which you can use to help you develop. Now we take it a step further, here are some great dancers you can watch and get inspiration from. We have selected a variety of dancers, mainly salsa, who you can watch and gain inspiration for your style or to gain more moves.

Watching a variety of dancers especially of a high level can help in pushing yourself further, in giving you a better idea of what you would like to be a dancer and to keep you motivated. Now we accept there are many amazing dancers out there and this isn’t a top 5 list or anything as we couldn’t fit all our favourite dancers all into one blog post let alone separate them all! But here are some dancers who we think you should check out. Let us know who you are inspired by below! For more videos why not check out our YouTube Channel and our inspiration playlist.

Male Salsa Dancers

Terry Tauliaut

Maykel Fonts

Adolfo Indacochea

Frankie Martinez

Oliver Pineda

Johnny Vazquez

Female Salsa Dancers

Griselle Ponce

Magna Gopal

Alien Ramirez

Cecile Ovide

Karel Flores


Male Non-Salsa Dancers

Les Twins

Max Pitruzzella

Jordan Frisbee

Female Non-Salsa Dancers

Laure Courtellemont

Annie Trudeau

Tatiana Mollman

Got a favourite you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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