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Jake and James set up Salsa Dance Leeds and went off to teach in their own right at Voodoo on Monday’s and as Catherine and I outgrew Salsa Leeds we moved on to Baracoa. Don’t ask me how but somehow I managed to wheedle another night off being a mum and wife and got Monday nights out at Voodoo too! I just had to get my weekly fix of Jake and James’ salsa dance socials, I liked the Baracoa improvers’ classes I was doing but nothing compares to Salsa Dance Leeds Socials Jake and James stylie!!

The faithful crowd had already followed them and that is when I started to realise I had got my own group of friends again… I’d found myself and was so much more than just a wife or mum, being just me; Jane. I still wasn’t a great dancer and I still had a major problem with my self-confidence, hiding my ample bosoms in loose flowing tops that covered my also ample bum, hating myself when I got steps wrong or couldn’t do a move that the other ladies made look easy and watching to see which girls were more popular than I was as a dance partner… Sam they all wanted you!

“Despite all this I was gaining my confidence as a person again.”

Throughout the time I had been salsa dancing I had begun to lose weight and started toning up. I started diets but found that Starbuck’s lattes, Wilson’s pork pies and Morrison’s cream chocolate muffins as a staple daily diet was not conducive to my hope to just lose about a stone to fit better in my size 16/18 clothes! I needed to changed my diet as well as my lifestyle if I were to start to lose weight fast. A low point came when I was asked at a 3 year old’s party if I was with my grandson! (Ok technically I could have been but it still hurt me a lot – I was far from being a milf)

Jane Almost There!

Earlier this year my somewhat glamorous hairdressing sister in law (actually my brother’s ex-wife) went to Slimming World to lose half a stone before her 40th Birthday cruise holiday and I thought to myself if she can swallow her pride and go to a fat club weigh in then so can I! I decided to give my local Slimming World a go and promised my hubby that getting weighed each week in front of everyone might be the answer to my dieting woes. It was worth a try! I joined at the end of March and in April went to Spain at the beginning of my life transforming weight loss journey. With a healthier diet thanks to Slimming World and the great exercise from Salsa I was beginning to lose weight fast!

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