Love Your Venue – Buy Drinks

As we prepare for Tuesday night at Distrikt, Salsa Dance Leeds are today launching a campaign called ‘Love Your Venue – Buy Drinks’, encouraging the salsa community to buy more drinks on their nights out and trips to classes!

It is a well-known fact that a lot of salsa dancers drink water as it is free and hydrating and that at every salsa night, the majority of people will be drinking water only. But we are here to challenge this and give you reasons to kick the habit and actually pay for your drinks!

To quote Lubi Jovanovic, the Godfather of Salsa,

“Salsa dancers, spend £10 each on the bar … and I will get you top venues on a weekend night.”

Through buying a few drinks and not getting water every time you go up to the bar, the bars, clubs and other venues are more likely to give promoters and event organisers better nights, better dance floors and also let us have a greater say on the nights running…  even at some places free water ;).

Remember that these venues need to make money and do not open for the good of their health… They are people who need to make money and and in opening for the salsa nights, have to pay for the bar people to do the jobs needed to run the night…

To quote the Godfather again,

“450 people at Calle Ocho at the Faversham might hit a 2.5K bar spend and a week later same venue 450 students at a drum & bass or house night will spend in the region of 5-6K on the bar….look at it from a business perspective as a venue…who do you prefer in your venue on a Fri or Sat night?”

It paints a sad picture for the future of salsa if people refuse to buy drinks on their nights out.  It’s not only you but the event organisers and teachers who miss out, after all the best things in life aren’t necessarily free.

So next time you go out, think of your lovely teacher or promoter and ‘Love Your Venue – Buy Drinks’ and keep your favourite events!

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James is one of the co-founders and teachers at Salsa Dance Leeds. He regularly writes for the SDL blog, across a selection of salsa topics. Find James on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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