NEW Salsa Dance Leeds Memberships!

Starting from the 21st September 2015 we are bringing out our brand new Salsa Dance Leeds Memberships! With a variety of Memberships tailored for every need, we think these could be the best and most popular Memberships yet!

So what are the memberships and what benefits do they come with?

We at Salsa Dance Leeds now offer the following memberships:

  • THE VIP Membership – The big one, the all inclusive membership!
  • SDL Bar Soba Membership – Memberships for the Monday Club!
  • SDL Distrikt Membership – Memberships for our big night at distrikt!
  • SDL Student Memberships – Affordable memberships for Students.

Want to learn more?! Scroll down to learn more about each of our memberships and what they offer.

VIP Membership

The Rolls Royce of memberships! Some even say it is better than owning a black card at Nandos… We’ll let you decide on that one. Our full package, all inclusive membership is back! So what does a VIP Membership get you?!

  • Entry to all of our nights and exterior events without charge!
  • 25% discount on all SDL Merchandise
  • 50% discount on all workshops run by SDL.
  • Last but not least the VIP treatment you deserve 😉

So queue no more and stroll into events like the VIP you are!


  • 1 Month VIP Membership: £30
  • 2 Months VIP Membership: £50
  • 3 Months VIP Membership: £60
  • 6 Months VIP Membership: £90 plus FREE SDL Merchandise
  • 12 Months VIP Membership: £120 plus FREE SDL Merchandise and 1 hour FREE private tuition


Bar Soba Membership

Love Mondays? Why not sign up to our Bar Soba Membership. Guarantee yourself entry with out charge every week for a month and avoid the queues. A great choice for those who want to take it to the next level.
(Note: Months membership can start at anytime and only gets you into your chosen night)

Cost: £15 per Month


Distrikt bar Membership

We all know that distrikt is the place to be on a Tuesday night. Guarantee yourself entry every week without charge and avoid the queues. Members will also get in on the member specific drink deals at the venue during salsa! A great choice for those who want to start but also save a bit of cash and have a good drink.
(Note: Months membership can start at anytime and only gets you into your chosen night)

Cost: £15 per Month


Student Membership

Full time Student? Why not take advantage of our Student rate Memberships:

VIP Student Membership at £20 (Possible saving of £25 a month!)
Distrikt or Bar Soba Student Membership for £10 (that’s a possible saving of £15 a month!)

(Note: A valid university or college student card must be shown to the Head of the night you attend.)

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James is one of the co-founders and teachers at Salsa Dance Leeds. He regularly writes for the SDL blog, across a selection of salsa topics. Find James on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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