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So having already penned the critically acclaimed 30 reasons to do salsa I have now decided to set myself the challenge of narrowing this amazing list down to the top 10 reasons why you should take up salsa! Its kind of like X-Factor just without the viewers voting… well if you want you can comment and suggest your top 10 below or write to me on the Salsa Dance Leeds Facebook Page. Anyway enough of this and on with the list…


It gets you out the house and exercising in a fun environment!
Now where else can you lose up to 450 calories an hour doing something you can impress people with anywhere and also meet a load of new people with out asking them to spot for you?!
So you might as well wave bye bye to that gym membership… I mean when was the last time you went anyway 🙂


It will improve your coordination.
No longer will you be that guy with two left feet! Or that person who is always stumbling into things and breaking them… We will teach you how to isolate your body parts and also teach you how to control your body. Amazing huh?!


It’s a great way to meet new people.
What better way to meet new people than through learning to dance with them?! It’s a great experience and also a hobby you can share together… Salsa is also an ideal place to network if you’re new to town as people who salsa tend to be outgoing people. Finally I guarantee you will meet friends for life even if you do decide to stop your salsa adventure.


The New Zealand All Blacks rugby team take dance lessons…
Need I say more on this topic?!…
OK well think of it like this, dancing improves your balance, spacial awareness, stability, fitness and your fancy footwork. Something all sports people would love to improve… well unless your sport of choice is darts I guess.
Here on the left are the All blacks lining up for a mambo…


Loads of handsome guys and beautiful girls!
Just have a look at some of our galleries and videos to find out 🙂
But of course they’re all just as charming and beautiful on the inside as you have to leave all of your inhibitions behind when you come… or at least you learn to anyway. This is what makes it such a good laugh!


The feeling of accomplishment and excitement after.
Nothing beats that amazing feeling of accomplisment when you finally nail that bad boy move that youve been working on all night or all week… sometimes all month! Its great starting something new and climbing the ladder, setting yourself challenges, meeting them and also bringing perspective on other things in life(#deep).
Finally nothing beats the excitement you feel on a monday when it will soon be Tuesday and that only means one thing… click here to find out 🙂


It’s possibly one of the greatest conversation starters ever.
So picture the scene… “hey so what do you do?” “..Oh erm…I erm… I go to the gym and love food I love food…” yawnn… I know i’d have switched off already as well.
How about this… “Hey! So what do you do?!” “I dance” “Wow, teach me!”… Now how’s that for a conversation starter?! Breaking down barriers already. Be prepared for this as you will be asked to bring it out a lot! Basically its a really good way to impress all your mates!


The self confidence
In the words of Gok Wan “Its all about the confidence!” and there’s nothing quite like the confidence salsa can give you. You are constantly interacting with a variety of people and also asking people to dance! For guys this is one of the hardest things to do but it will soon become one of the easiest things. Learning new social skills and also adapting to the most ridiculous situations for example what to do when you’re left with women or men fighting to dance with you… Then blagging your way through a dance and pretending it was all a part of the plan!


Some seriously awesome music.
With salsa there is some seriously great music… more than what you hear at Nandos and Chiquitos! So don’t write it off before you’ve heard what it has to offer! I mean you’d be foolish to say all western music was dreadful just because you’ve listened to a Justin Bieber album or decide not to listen to the rest the Guns and Roses stuff because of Chinese Democracy… Same with salsa, there are some stinkers but there are some absolute cracking tunes… Check them out on our YouTube Channel and our Spotify Playlist.


No matter how you feel, something happens when you walk through those doors…
Finally leaving the best ’til last, no matter whats going on outside of salsa as soon as you walk onto that dancefloor you lose yourself in the moment and become another person. It takes you somewhere else and is truely the best therapy in the world. It makes you smile and gives you that amazing feeling inside. Its like a drug, you wont be able to get enough of it. If that isn’t the best reason to start, well I dont know what is!

Do you agree with our top 10? What would you change and what would your order be…

Comment below 🙂

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