salsa classes leeds

We teach salsa classes with a strong emphasis on developing dancers who feel confident to dance at our social dances. That’s why in our salsa classes, we teach people combinations that they can quickly put together on the social dance floor.

Our salsa classes are held at Distrikt bar every Tuesday… here’s a little taster of what you might see going on!

absolute beginners

During our beginner salsa classes, we run a 15 minute introduction to the absolute basics of salsa dancing, for dancers who are attending their first few salsa classes. Here we get you up to speed, so that you don’t feel out of place if you’re new to salsa. It’s normal to feel nervous before your first class – once you give it a try you’ll find it’s more than worth it!

There’s no need to bring a partner, but a friend is always good for moral support. We rotate our salsa classes regularly to give you the experience of dancing with different people. But if you would rather stay with the same partner you brought all night we can arrange that too!

beginner salsa classes

During the beginners salsa classes, we lay the foundations of your salsa dancing – connection, musicality, rhythm and moves. We will reinforce the key elements that you need to have perfected before you can tackle the more complicated stuff. For this reason, we recommend that you continue attending beginners for a while after you move up to improver to cement your learning.

Our beginner syllabus is based on a 12 week rolling lesson plan. Don’t worry if you’re joining us midway through the 12 week rolling syllabus – we’ve designed each lesson so that it stands alone and new people can jump right in, whenever they join.

informal tuition

Salsa is a lead/follow partner dance – by this we mean that when people dance salsa, the man leads and the woman follows. The lead will decide as he is dancing what move he wishes the couple to dance next and will communicate this to the follow, mostly via subtle hand movements. This is referred to as leading or freestyle dancing.

Before and in between our beginner, improver and intermediate salsa classes, we have thirty to sixty minutes of freestyle dancing and informal tuition dependent on the class. The thirty minutes in between our beginner and improver class is the perfect opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt in beginners, if you get stuck we’ll be on hand to provides some informal tuition.

improver salsa classes

Our improver salsa classes also last an hour. Here we build on the beginner syllabus, with more complicated moves and turn patterns. For the leads, the focus is on helping you build your own combinations so that you have a unique set of moves. For the ladies, we’ll look at styling to give you that extra edge and spin technique so that you can pull off those double and triple spins.

Check out our Improver Syllabus here!

intermediate salsa classes

A truly tricky class at a proper intermediate level, taught in the usual large group routine based format. Please make sure you’ve completed our Improver syllabus before attempting this class! Here we look to really get you to the next level and truly comfortable with some tricky turn patterns and styling.

salsa dancing social

After our improver and intermediate salsa classes finish, we start the freestyle salsa dancing – dancing, chatting and drinking until they throw us out!

Check out a sample of our favourite songs that we play on our Spotify playlist.

Also our YouTube Channel, where you can see our favourite songs, some tutorials from us and others and also some of our own fun videos of what we’ve been up to!.


We charge £5 for the whole night. This includes all salsa classes and social salsa dancing, so you can get involved with as much or as little as you like. We also have group discounts for university societies.

We believe that the social freestyling session is the best bit, so for this reason we have made it FREE to come freestyle or just to come watch/check out the classes… So there’s no reason not to come check us out!

If you’re new don’t worry – you are welcome to stay all night whatever your ability! If you have any further questions check out our frequently asked questions or send us a message.

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