salsa dancing in leeds

Freestyle salsa dancing is the reason that people get hooked on salsa and it can become something bordering an addiction. All the work in class and practice leads up to the best bit – hitting the floor and trying out what you’ve learnt. And we warn you – it is addictive!
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The following video was taken at one of our recent events and features some of our salsa dancers. It’s taken at Distrikt and features our favourite band, Tarantismo:

salsa socials

In between and after our salsa classes we throw open the floor to freestyle salsa dancing. A great opportunity to practice what you’ve learnt, try out some new moves, or simply hit the bar for a drink and a chat. You can attend every week and it’s a relaxed atmosphere that forms the basis of all our salsa dancing socials.

Check out a sample of our favourite songs that we play on our Spotify playlist.

Also our YouTube Channel, where you can see our favourite songs, some tutorials from us and others and also some of our own fun videos of what we’ve been up to!

big salsa socials

From time to time, we also take over different venues for our big salsa social format. Here we put on food, drinks and a real spectacle. If it’s someone’s birthday – let us know, we like to make a fuss of them!

external events

Once you’re feeling confident enough, you might want to venture out to local salsa dancing events in Leeds and further afield. External events can be fairly daunting, but that’s why focus on social salsa dancing from day one in your classes. Getting out into the ‘scene’ is a fantastic way to see some breath-taking dancers and take your salsa dancing to another level. Take a look at some of our suggestions at the bottom of our FAQ’s page.

Oh, and here’s another video of Tarantismo because we love them!