Salsa vs. Ceroc

I moved to Leeds a whole year ago now and thought learning to dance would be a good way to meet and make friends. I tried several salsa nights around Leeds centre but always find myself becoming disinterested after a month or so of going. I love dancing (as I used to do Ceroc) and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t enjoying Salsa.

It only took one salsa lesson at Street Salsa at Distrikt to know that I was going to enjoy it. The salsa classes were informal and fun – not stiff like the others that I had tried. The teachers were more than friendly with plenty of moves being taught and what’s more plenty of time to practise after the lessons. Everyone from beginners to intermediates to the teachers were willing to help me practise my moves.

What I like most about the nights at Distrikt is the fact that it isn’t all Latin music. It’s really refreshing to know that you can dance Salsa to the likes of Basement Jaxx and Kanye West – handy for when I want to impress my friends on the dance floor!! Tuesday night is definitely the night I look forward to most during the week!!

Jo x

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