What To Wear To Salsa

Having been asked this question quite a lot by a variety of people in my time teaching salsa I thought it would be best to write a blog about it! Here Alex and James have compiled their own thoughts and thoughts of others so that complete beginners can find out what to put on for their first night at salsa.
Also, below you guys can comment and discuss your tips on how to dress to impress or survive a salsa night!

Tips for the Ladies:

As every girl knows shoes can make or break an outfit…too high and you run the risk of twisted ankles and too low can be uncomfortable too. The best option is a mid high heel with a sturdy ankle strap.

As for clothes, Salsa is HOT, both metaphorically and literally! Wear something loose and comfortable and you can’t go far wrong. A word of warning though loose skirts will flip up when the men start flinging you round the dance floor so shorts underneath are a must!

Ania“Flat shoes are ok but not-too-high high heels are even better as straightaway they make you dance on your toes. Sporty outfits are ok but then again, salsa is supposed to be sexy so… :)”

Kristina“Feel free to use my wardrobe as an example of all the things you shouldn’t wear! Strapless tops or dresses will fall down, even if you danced around in the changing room and they seemed sturdy. Tight short skirts or dresses will ride up way too high, especially if you’re dancing Bachata. Big flowing skirts/dresses that fly out when you spin look great but will fly much higher on the floor than they did in the changing room.. Wear shorts underneath “

Tips for the Men:

Guys dress casually, the standard t-shirt, jeans and trainers combo never goes down too badly. Remember though that women will be there! So don’t come in that t-shirt that you use to chill in and play xbox, wear your hitting the town t-shirts/shirts… Alhough I mentioned trainers before I would strongly recommend some shoes that will allow you to spin… so something with not a lot of grip.

James“I always bring a safety bag… in this I take a spare pair of shoes (in addition to my trainers) incase the floor is sticky, a spare t-shirt (you will sweat! You dont want to stink or be sticky when women are touching you…) and finally some deodorant!”

Marc“Grippy trainers really aint gonna help you spin so something with little grip.”

We hope this has helped you, feel free to comment below and for more view our gallery at the bottom of the homepage to check out some of the styles rocked on the dancefloor.


James and Alex.

About James

James is one of the co-founders and teachers at Salsa Dance Leeds. He regularly writes for the SDL blog, across a selection of salsa topics. Find James on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

3 comments on “What To Wear To Salsa

  1. Hey, I have have put the question out our facebook and the men have responded with:
    “If it is a clean t-shirt then that is effort enough!”
    “As long as its not a vest….”
    and Ania responded “because t-shirts are cool”
    Personally I think its whatever feels comfortable… I generally wear what i think are cool/good t-shirts and tops that I’d wear on a night out but then again if it is a big party night I will shirt up!

  2. Mens footwear – have experimented with this and found trainers to be far too grippy when doing the turns. Shoes while perfect for turns make you feel far too vulnerable and feel less in control.

    My perfect compromise are a pair of pumps or tennis court shoes with a flat sole. Great for the right balance of spin and control retenti.

    A quick word on mens shirts – DO NOT do what I have often been accused of. Don’t leave too many unbuttoned and expose your chest. Apparently it makes us look sleazy and cliched – if only someone hard warned me a lot earlier.

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